Sunday, February 01, 2009

After loosing job

After loosing my job I realised how timespending and how personality-killing my job was. You can be one of the mass of people but not really yourself.

Now during sending applications I want to do things which I could not during the last 1 year.
My "to do list" for the near future contains :
1. Learn drawing (I plan to have special weeks -f.e. the first will be drawing birds :)
2. Take more pictures (also I will have a special theme weeks)

I am really inspired by the which is a common blog of hundreds of artists and creator from around the world meet online for a month long creative sprint. Everybody is posting one thing (photo, video, painting etc) every day. I regret that I did not know about it before, as this common blog is only during the month of February. No problem, next year I will also join.

Analog to this blog I want to do something similar, until I will get a job and later on the regularly basis. This blog will be a motivation to create and post regularly.

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